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How Do I Get My Permit

How Do I Get My Permit?

  • On or after your 16th birthday, go take your permit test at the DMV

  • If you pass, you can call us for lessons. If you do not pass you must wait one day to retake the test.

You will need:

Original birth certificate, social security card, PennDOT application and a check or credit/debit card for $45.50



Erie DMV • Summit Towne Plaza • Open Tuesday - Saturday

Meadville DMV • 16942 Patricia Dr. • Open Thursday - Saturday

No appointment necessary

As an international student applying for a permit, you'll need:

  • Social Security Card

  • Birth certificate or Passport

  • I-94 or Passport with Visa

  • I-20 (Must have six months on it)

*If you cannot obtain a social security card, you must have a rejection letter*

Online Driver's Education

Online Driver's Education

Transportation Solutions works to provide you with a discount on classroom driver's education. Normally the class is $99.95, but you can get the class for just $59. This is a PA Approved State Certified class. ​

Insurance Discount Information

If a student between the ages of 16-21 completes six hours (three lessons) of behind-the-wheel lessons, the Department of Education permits us to issue a certificate that should entitle the student to a 10% discount on their vehicle insurance until they are 21 years old or 24 years old if they are a full-time student*.


Your insurance may require you to complete a State Approved Driving Education Course in order to receive a discount.


*Discount varies per insurance company - please check with your auto insurance provider for discount details

Insurance Discount
Community Mobility

Community Mobility

Though driving is the most popular form of community mobility, we at Transportation Solutions understand that driving is not appropriate for everyone. So, what do you do when you cannot drive? You call us!

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) will perform an in-home evaluation of your community mobility needs and assist you in becoming independent and safe in whatever mode is most appropriate.

We all need to access the community for instrumental activities of daily living (shopping, financial management, religious observance), education, work, leisure and social activities.

Let us help you remove your barriers to community access!


Download the Community Mobility Request Form Here

Our Occupational Therapist can assist you in becoming comfortable using one or many of the following types of community access:

• Riding the bus

• Taking a taxi

• Using errand services

• Using delivery services

• Using the internet for online resources(medications, clothing)

• Scheduling rides with family and friends

• Walking to close destinations

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Alternative Modes of Transportation

Alternative Modes of Transportation

If you are unable to drive and are looking for ways of getting around to do errands, grocery shopping, or go to doctors appointments, Transportation Solutions recommends the following companies to assist you:

Car Seat Program

Car Seat Program

Each year, Transportation Solutions receives a grant from the state for free carseats to give to those in need.  The carseats range from infant size to backless boosters for older children. 


To qualify for a free car seat, you must receive some form of government assistance (SNAP Benefits, Medicaid, etc.) and have proof of the assistance at the time of your appointment.


In order to book your appointment, please call our carseat coordinator at our office to check the availability of the car seat type you are looking for. Our phone number is 814-833-2301.


Appointments are about 30 minutes in length and take place at our office. You are required to fill out an application and watch a 25 minute video.

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